Coin designs by George Kruger-Gray
2004 small head twenty cent - a hidden gem?
1847 Gothic Crown

British Indian mohur design
2017 Perth Coin and Stamp Show
Hong Kong Coin Show - April 2017
Numismata Coin Show Munich 2017
2016 Indian Sovereign now in stock
Coin shops in Korea - Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Centre

The Adelaide Coin Show December 2016
Money Expo 2016 - Sydney recap
ANA Coin Show 2016 review
Free PCGS grading videos
Hong Kong International Coin Convention 2016
Rare coins at the Royal Australian Mint
2016 Perth ANDA Money Expo

PCGS grades the Australian 1920-S sovereign
Australia's professional coin grading service, PCGS
Coinex Coin Show 2015 - photo recap
The Petersham Coin Fair - photo recap

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