Eric Eigner has been involved in coins for over 25 years. While he has a keen interest for all things coin-related, he has always been particularly passionate about gold sovereigns and Australian silver and copper coins.

After a few years in investment banking, Eric set up Drake Sterling Numismatics in 2006 and became one of the first coin dealers in Australia to sell coins exclusively online. As all business was conducted through the internet, he focussed on providing high-quality images and detailed descriptions of each of the coins for sale, and, over the years, redesigned the website to simplify the online buying experience.

In 2007, Drake Sterling became a member of ANDA and SCDAA, Australia’s leading coin, banknote, and stamp associations. The following year, the business was invited into the exclusive PCGS-authorised dealer network.

Since then, Eric has ensured that Drake Sterling stocks only those coins that have been graded and authenticated by an independent third-party service (either PCGS or NGC), and is dedicated to providing collectors with an extensive range of independently-assessed coins. Today, Drake Sterling is one of the largest dealers in Australia of such coins, and has helped collectors build some of the finest sets of certified Australian coins currently on the PCGS Set Registry.

If you would like advice or guidance on building a comprehensive collection of certified Australian coins, or would like to discuss coin collecting generally, Eric is available on 02 9669 9357 (+61 2 9669 9357 for overseas collectors). If you have any other inquiries, you can contact the business here or on the free call number 1800 832 328.

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