The Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is the largest coin grading company in the world, and with over 40 million coins graded over its 35 year history, more and more Australian collectors want their coins PCGS-certified.

While PCGS does not have an office in Australia, there are a number of PCGS-authorised dealers around the country that can accept coins on PCGS’ behalf. The authorised dealer will complete the paperwork with PCGS, prepare the customs forms, and ship the coins on your behalf to PCGS' offices overseas. (We send the coins directly to PCGS headquarters in California.) Not all PCGS-authorised dealers provide this service, so check with them first before shipping them your coins.

If you'd like to go ahead with grading, and are wondering about the fees and costs, please find them below:

Service level

Max coin value per coin (AUD)

Fee per coin (AUD) 

Non-gold decimal coins

(Minted from 1965 onward)



Includes Gold Shield and True View images

Non-gold pre-decimal coins

(Minted before 1965)



Includes Gold Shield and True View images

High-value coins

(Gold and non-gold)



Includes Gold Shield and True View images

Very high-value coins

(1930 pennies, etc)



Includes Gold Shield and True View images


(For coins with residue)


From $75

Please inquire

NGC to PCGS crossover

(Regrade NGC-graded coins)


From $75

Includes Gold Shield

Bulk or discounted coin grading

Minimum 100 coins


From $30

Please inquire for conditions


(Minimums apply)



Includes banknote images


There is a handling fee of $40 per service level, while return shipping is free anywhere around Australia for any quantity of coins. Insurance is available at 2% of the insurable values of the coins. If you are unsure about the values of your coins, please use the amount you'd like to be compensated for in the event of loss or damage.

For coins from all countries except the United States, we have abolished the minimum submission size (previously it was five coins), so are happy to accept submissions of even one coin. The minimum submission size for United States coins is fifteen coins per submission level.

Please note that the turnover time is currently up to twenty-six weeks. Please help us by refraining from inquiring about your coins until at least twenty-six weeks have elapsed. If twenty-six weeks have elapsed and you have not yet received your results via email, check your spam folder to see if the results email is there. If you have definitely not received the results after twenty-six weeks, please email us and we’ll see if we can expedite your submission.

Please send your coins in two inch Mylar Saflips, one coin per flip. You can purchase these Mylar flips on Ebay or from the Purple Penny website. If you do not use the two inch Mylar flips to send your coins to us, we'll have to charge a $10 per coin handling charge to cover the cost of putting the coins into the correct packaging. (If you've tried to open coin capsules or cut open 2x2 cardboard holders, you know what a pain it is.)


These are SAFlips. Please use these flips and fold them in half with the coin inside.

Furthermore, please do not use sticky tape or staples, or apply any sort of labelling to the Mylar flips, as this damages the flips. Additionally, please do not put any inserts into the flip, as removing the inserts requires additional handling. Please use rubber bands to bundle together the coins. There is a $10 handling fee per coin for incorrectly-packaged coins.

SAFlips PCGS coin grading

SAFlips bundled together with elastic bands. Please do not use tape on the flips.

If you'd like to go ahead, please ship your coins, at your risk, to GPO Box 2913 Sydney 2001. Please address the parcel to Drake Sterling.

After we receive your coins, we'll let you know the exact cost. Because PCGS charges us immediately, we require payment upfront.

Drake Sterling has been a PCGS-authorised dealer since 2008, and has been submitting coins to PCGS on behalf of collectors for over 15 years. If you have any other questions not answered on this page, please email us.

PCGS-authorised dealer


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