We have thousands of collectors buying quality coins. If you’re considering selling your coins, but are unsure about how to go about it, read on.

There are three ways to sell your coins:
1. Sale by consignment
2. Direct sale
3. Sale by auction

The advantages and disadvantages of each selling method are outlined below:

Sell by consignment

Sell coins by auction

If you don’t want to pay high auction fees or prefer to be paid immediately for your coins, you can sell your coins directly to Drake Sterling for an immediate payout. If you prefer to maximise your return rather than get paid straight away, you can sell your coins by consignment through our website instead.


Selling by consignment

There are a number of advantages of selling your coins by consignment, especially as we do all the work for you! Because our consignment fees are so low, we can only accept PCGS or NGC-graded coins for consignment. (If your coins are not PCGS-graded, we can arrange certification for you.) Simply send us an email with a list of the PCGS or NGC-graded coins you’d like to sell, and we’ll go from there.

As part of the consignment service:

1. We photograph your coins.
2. We describe your coins.
3. We list your coins on our site.
4. We market your coins to our database of collectors.
5. We pack and ship your coins.

Consignments invited

Our selling fee is 15% for most PCGS or NGC-graded coins*. Email us now for a private discussion about how we can help you realise the most for your PCGS and NGC-graded coins.


We buy gold coins, and other coins too

• We buy and sell PCGS-graded pre-decimal coins
• We buy and sell PCGS-graded pre-decimal proof coins
• We buy and sell PCGS or NGC-graded world gold coins
• We buy and sell 1930 pennies
• We buy and sell 1923 halfpennies
• We buy and sell 1852 Adelaide pounds
• We buy and sell Holey dollars and dumps
• We buy and sell PCGS and NGC-graded sovereigns and half sovereigns
• We buy and sell Finest-graded or second-finest PCGS-graded decimal coins


*To keep your commission rate low, we recommend consigning coins worth at least $400. If your coins are worth less than $400, please contact us for more information about the selling fee.