1852 Adelaide Pound Type II - PCGS MS62+

1852 Adelaide Pound Type II




Australia, 1852 Adelaide Pound Type II -

Well, here it is: the 1852 Adelaide Pound Type II in pristine mint condition. Well-known and extremely popular with collectors across all grades, this example of Australia’s first gold coin has been certified MS62+ by PCGS. While most Type II Adelaide Pounds in the market are worn, damaged, cleaned, or otherwise impaired, the coin photographed above is in as original condition as the day it was struck and is one of the nicer pounds I have seen on the market in recent years. The coin has full, unbroken lustre and is minimally bagged; the surfaces are totally original, with no evidence of brushing or cleaning; the overall appearance of the coin is clean, and there are no distractions or impairments such as marks, spots, fingerprints, or hairlines. Like many Adelaide Pounds struck toward the end of production in February 1853, the strike is rather weak. This is quite evident about the obverse and reverse legends, from about two o’clock to three o’clock on the obverse. The orb of the crown is also flat. These are only minor points, really, and don’t distract from the overall appearance of the coin. Nonetheless, with well-struck Adelaide Pounds in Mint State selling for over $80,000, a less well-struck coin should probably trade at a small discount. This brings us to the price: At $49,500, a collector or investor can hardly be faulted for thinking I have made a mistake, considering the coin has a catalogue value of $175,000 in UNC, $120,000 in aUNC, and $52,000 in Extremely Fine. At the end of the day, I have to price coins at a level at which I think they will sell, and at $49,500, this coin will move. Scarce, with only a few hundred pieces available to collectors. Ideal for a type collection or investment (although prospective investors should of course do their own research). Please call +61 421 229 821 or 1800 832 328 to discuss.

Grades PCGS MS62+.

Product ID: 185227518597

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