1927 Proof Canberra Florin - PCGS PR65

1927 Proof Canberra Florin




Australia, 1927 Proof Canberra Florin -

I don’t often buy pre-1955 proofs, but when I do, I try to stick with problem-free examples. The 1927 proof Canberra florin photographed above is one of the nicest examples of this popular type coin to pass my desk, and one of the nicer examples to appear on the market for some time. More importantly, it’s priced competitively enough to appeal to a wide range of collectors—the $10,000 to $20,000 price range is very popular with collectors and investors. Indeed, before the global financial crisis, proof Canberra florins used to trade in the $30,000 - $50,000 price range: They were considered a “connoisseur” coin, reserved for only the most elite amongst us. In today’s market, and after the collapse of the Rare Coin Company in Perth, the 1927 proof Canberra florin is more affordable than ever. And if you’re an investor with a contrarian streak, you might even consider it a time to buy: After all, the time to buy is when prices come down, not when they’ve already doubled! Please call +61 421 229 821 to discuss.

Grades PCGS PR65.

Product ID: 192728748424

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