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2014 Sydney ANDA Coin Show - photo recap

Here’s a selection of images from the 2014 Sydney ANDA Coin Show, which was held on Friday and Saturday the 24th and 25th of October.

Sydney ANDA Show
The view from the back of the hall.

Sydney ANDA Show
Kevin Ayres' display of banknotes.

Sydney ANDA Show
The Royal Australian Mint was running a special promotion where the collector could buy the three new 2014 commemorative circulation coins for face value. The queue to take advantage of this offer was long.

Sydney ANDA Show
The Perth Mint display.

Sydney ANDA Show
I’m photographed here talking with a collector.

Sydney ANDA Show
PCGS-certified coins for sale.

Sydney ANDA Show
Ian Pitt (right) has been a regular supporter of ANDA’s Coin Shows. He is photographed here behind his table while his offsider holds up an elegant wooden PCGS box.



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Popular PCGS and NGC-graded Coins

  1. USD $979
  2. USD $666
  3. 1904 Perth Half Sovereign

    A scarce date, with just 60,000 pieces m...

    PCGS XF40
  4. 1878 Sydney Shield Reverse Sovereign

    Lightly touched off with coin cabinet fr...

    PCGS AU58
    USD $701
  5. 1870 Mature Bust Mohur Restrike

    Although not as rare as the young bust v...

    PCGS PR64+
    USD $17,615
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