1923 Pretoria currency-issue Sovereign - PCGS AU55

1923 Pretoria currency-issue Sovereign




South Africa, 1923 Pretoria currency-issue Sovereign -

An underrated coin and a classic South African rarity. Struck in very small numbers from a single consignment of jewellery, the 1923SA currency-issue sovereign has become every serious sovereign collector’s grail coin. The date is harder than many classic colonial rarities (such as the 1926S sovereign or 1930 penny) and yet trades at comparable levels. This particular coin has flashy lustre, great eye appeal, and good details in the devices. If you’re chasing one of South Africa’s great sovereign rarities, but don’t want to spend $50,000+ on a Mint State example, this is your coin.

Grades PCGS AU55.

Product ID: 1923SA46079531

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