1852 Type II Adelaide Pound - PCGS AU58

1852 Type II Adelaide Pound




Australia, 1852 Type II Adelaide Pound -

After a crack formed on the reverse die of the 1852 Adelaide Pound, the pressure used to strike further coins was dialled right back. This extended the life of the newly-engraved reverse die, but also resulted in weakly-struck, flat-looking coins. The coin photographed above is a victim of this manufacturing decision: Flatness is evident on the orb of the crown, as well as about the legend on both ‘verses, while the fleur-de-lis are not fully struck up. While less experienced collectors and dealers often confuse this flatness in the strike for wear (and might even accuse PCGS of overgrading), there is no doubt that a weakly-struck Adelaide Pound is worth less than a sharply-struck one. If you are looking to obtain a sharply-struck, fully-detailed pound, expect to pay close to $30,000, but if you are a price-conscious collector seeking to acquire an example of Australia’s first indigenous coin in technically high grade—all at a depressed price—call or email us now to express your interest.

Grades PCGS AU58.

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