1939 Proof Kangaroo Halfpenny - PCGS PR64RD

1939 Proof Kangaroo Halfpenny




Australia, 1939 Proof Kangaroo Halfpenny -

Pre-1955 proof coins were a hot commodity during the rare coin boom of the early 2000s, but after the credit crisis of 2008, prices eased gently south, where they have remained every since. While price declines have scared away investors of average skill, a number of astute and contrarian investors have been drawn to the lower valuations. Meanwhile, genuine collectors and numismatists have started to trickle back into the series, slowly picking up key coins at affordable prices, supporting valuations at current levels. If you’ve been looking for a coin market that is still affordable and interesting to collect, pre-1955 proofs are an opportunity. The present coin, a 1939 halfpenny, is one of the more affordable coins from the series. It is the single-finest graded by PCGS (2/23) and the only example awarded the coveted “Red” designation (the highest qualification of a copper coin’s brilliance). If you’d like a high-grade type coin, or are a connoisseur looking for unique numismatic objects, this is your coin.

Grades PCGS PR64RD.

Product ID: 1939(m)10929541

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