New South Wales, 1813 Dump - PCGS VF30

New South Wales, 1813 Dump




Australia, New South Wales, 1813 Dump -

Australia has many popular coins, but the holey dollar and dump will always be of numismatic significance. They were the first coins struck in the young colony of New South Wales, and are amongst the most coveted pieces of Australiana available today, even amongst non-collectors. While the holey dollar is so valuable as to be out of reach of the average collector, a decent dump coin can be had for under $1,000, with better pieces selling for under $10,000. However, if you’re one of the exclusive few who would like to spend a bit more for quality, the coin photographed above should satisfy even the most fussy connoisseur. Sharply struck, with large parts of the host coin still visible on the reverse, the dump on offer here is one of the finest I’ve handled in the last thirteen years. Visually, the fields are an even  gunmetal grey, with hints of brightness on the open surfaces. The coin is only lightly touched off by wear such that that the pearl arrangement on the crown is easily discerned and the legends are completely readable. If you collect varieties, this dump is classed as Type A/1, with an ascending pearl pattern in the band. Overall, this is a pleasing, original, and attractive dump, equal-second finest graded by PCGS of the A/1 type (3/21), and rare in this grade. Certainly one to put aside for the future.

Grades PCGS VF30.

Product ID: 181341435736

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