1893 Melbourne Veiled Head Sovereign - PCGS MS62

1893 Melbourne Veiled Head Sovereign




Australia, 1893 Melbourne Veiled Head Sovereign -

There are a couple of scarcer dates from the Veiled head sovereign series. While the 1899P sovereign is most renowned and enthusiastically pursued by coin collectors, the 1893M sovereign—a harder date by any measure—languishes in obscurity. There are just 64 examples graded by PCGS, and four coins in grades MS63 or better (6/20).  Compare those numbers to the more common dates, where hundreds of coins have been graded overall, and dozens are in MS63 or finer. Should intelligent collectors begin to appreciate the true scarcity of the 1893M sovereign, expect prices to move up sharply. The average collector should aim for an example in MS62 for their collection, while connoisseurs and type set collectors could settle for an MS63, although there are only three examples currently certified by PCGS in that grade. Overall, the 1893M Veiled head sovereign is a key coin that is currently appreciated by only the most sophisticated sovereign collectors.

Grades PCGS MS62.

Product ID: 1893M37689730

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