1818 Sovereign - PCGS MS64

1818 Sovereign




Great Britain, 1818 Sovereign -

S-3785A, with ascending colon after “Britanniar”. Although there are a lot of rare dates across the sovereign series, the 1818 is the earliest (followed close behind by the extremely rare 1819 sovereign). It is a highly collectable date because lower-grade pieces are affordable but still scarce, while higher-grade examples, especially those in Mint State, are rare and make great trophy coins. The coin photographed above is the single-finest example of the 1818 ascending colon variety graded by PCGS, and the equal-third finest example of the date graded by PCGS (5/20). The surfaces are free from major detracting marks, while the rims are sharp and even. There are hints of colour in the devices on the reverse, and the overall appearance of the coin is pleasing and original. If you are a connoisseur collector seeking a high-grade example of this key sovereign date, this is your coin.

Grades PCGS MS64.

Product ID: 181831800252

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