New South Wales, 1813 Dump - PCGS FR2

New South Wales, 1813 Dump




Australia, New South Wales, 1813 Dump -

I don’t often get in the 1813 Dump (or Holey Dollar, for that matter), so when I do, I try to find out the history and provenance of the coin. This particular dump was acquired from a young Western Sydney collector last month. The collector had purchased the coin from a bric-à-brac seller, who in turn claimed to have found the coin in a junk box at an antique stall at the North Rocks markets, in Sydney’s north west. The coin itself is in good nick, with minimal faults or problems and overall pleasing eye appeal. It has certainly seen its day, but the crown, the date, and the legend “New South Wales” are visible. A hint of the host coin is visible on the reverse, but “Fifteen Pence” is worn flat. While not an ultra-rarity in this grade, the coin is extremely collectable, particularly as it is problem-free and certified. If you’re looking for an affordable example of Australia’s first coinage, this is your coin.

Grades PCGS FR2.

Product ID: 181330758384

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