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What’s my penny worth?

While all pennies and halfpennies are worth something in the highest grades, most of these copper coins are practically worthless and sell by the kilo in bags to scrap dealers. Pennies are generally worth around ten to fifteen cents each, while halfpennies are worth half that. Australian pennies and halfpennies are so common in fact that almost anyone with Australian grandparents will have a few loose coins around the house.

If you have a couple of pennies or halfpennies and are wondering what they’re worth, buy a Renniks coin catalogue before you call a coin dealer. This book will tell you which dates to keep, and which to send to the metal scrappers. It will also tell you how to identify the different mintmarks and some of the varieties. But be warned! You could go through hundreds of coins before you find one worth keeping.

The dates to look out for are 1930, 1925, and 1946. These are worth keeping, with an average grade 1930 being worth five figures and the 1925 and 1946 bringing at least $50, sometimes more, depending on grade.


1925 Penny 1930 Penny 1946 penny

If you find any of these three pennies, put them aside, as they are valuable. Other dates are generally sold by the kilo as scrap in average condition.

Popular PCGS and NGC-graded Coins

  1. USD $47
  2. 1937 Proof Five Pound

    A fresh coin from an old New South Wales...

    USD $16,049
  3. 1851 New Orleans Ten Dollars

    From an old Western Sydney coin collecti...

    PCGS AU50
    USD $1,527
  4. 1911 Proof Sovereign

    Mintage 3,764 pieces.

    PCGS PR64
    USD $2,545
  5. 1885 Melbourne St George Reverse Sovereign with WW buried

    S-3857B, with buried WW initials and BP ...

    PCGS MS62
    USD $3,523
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