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Valuable threepences in high grade to be listed

I’ve just picked up a nice run of early threepences in high grade. Included in the group are scarcer dates such as the 1912, 1916M, and 1940, as well as high-grade examples of more common dates, such as a 1910, 1918M, and 1936, all in resplendent PCGS MS66. Most of these examples are from an old western Sydney collection put together by a long-time Commonwealth coin collector, and haven’t been on the market for several years. I'll be listing them over the next couple of days, but advance inquiries are welcome.

For a full list of threepences currently on offer, please click.

1912 threepence MS65

1912 threepence PCGS MS66

1916 threepence MS65

1916M threepence PCGS MS65

1918 threepence MS66

1918M threepence PCGS MS66

1940 threepence MS64

1940 threepence PCGS MS64, a scarcer George VI year

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  1. USD $1,762
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    Equal-third finest graded by PCGS (4/21)...

    PCGS MS62
    USD $2,741
  3. 1897 Sydney Sovereign

    In May 2020, an 1897-S sovereign graded ...

    PCGS MS63
    USD $1,762
  4. 1880/70 Overdate Sovereign

    S-3856D, with complete WW in truncation ...

    PCGS AU55
    USD $744
  5. 1858 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign

    As most half sovereign collectors know, ...

    PCGS MS62+
    USD $17,615
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