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The Royal Mint Experience in Wales

Last October, we visited the birthplace of almost all of the United Kingdom’s native coins, the Royal Mint in Wales. We weren’t allowed to take images on the factory floor, but the adjoining museum contained enough numismatic items of interest to keep the photographer occupied.

Royal Mint Experience

Royal Mint Experience

Royal Mint Experience

1821 crown obverse die

Royal Mint Experience

1821 crown reverse die

1937 sovereign Edward VIII

The 1937 Edward VIII sovereign

1933 Penny

A humble 1933 penny

1933 Penny

A 1935 crown in gold

1933 Penny

A London-minted 1966 Australian twenty cent

1933 Penny

1933 Penny

An 1887 Jubilee head sovereign engraved on a shell

Gold sovereign test plate

1864 proof sovereign

A proof set containing, amongst other things, at least one 1864 proof pattern sovereign (WR-307 or WR-308)

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