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Sovereign rarities from Edward VII, ranked from top to bottom

The Edward VII sovereign series has always been a popular one for collectors. Big enough to be challenging, but small enough to build in a few years, it has appeal to both connoisseur and beginner alike. Canada produced all the major rarities in the series, with the 1908-C specimen coin being covetously pursued. The 1909-C and 1910-C currency issues are also popular.

1908-C sovereign

The key date of the Edward VII sovereign series, the 1908-C specimen sovereign.

Outside of the Canadian series, every Edward VII sovereign is affordable and can be obtained for under $1,000 or £500, if one is not grade-sensitive. Generally, Perth mint Edward VII sovereigns are scarcer than the London, Melbourne, or Sydney issues, although there is subtlety to understanding the rarity of the coins from each mint.

Unlike the George V sovereign series, where the rarity of some coins is clearly established, the rarities of each of the dates from the Edward VII is a little harder to get a feel for. In fact, where the more common coins rank on the rarity table is probably less important than, say, the eye appeal or grade of the particular coin under consideration. However, I’ve tried to rank them from rarest to most common. Collectors may disagree here or there toward the bottom of the list, but this page is a good start if you have no background in Edward VII sovereigns and would like to start collecting them.

I have omitted the ultra-rare 1902 proof sovereigns from Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the 1909 specimen coin from Canada. The average collector would be forgiven for excluding these coins from his or her set.


Rank Date MM
1 1908-C Sov S-3970 Specimen
2 1909-C Sov S-3970
3 1910-C Sov S-3970
4 1904-P Sov S-3972
5 1905 Sov S-3969
6 1903 Sov S-3969
7 1904 Sov S-3969
8 1905-S Sov S-3973
9 1902 Sov S-3969
10 1908-S Sov S-3973
11 1904-S Sov S-3973
12 1904-M Sov S-3971
13 1905-P Sov S-3972
14 1906 Sov S-3969
15 1908 Sov S-3969
16 1906-P Sov S-3972
17 1902-P Sov S-3972
18 1906-S Sov S-3973
19 1909-P Sov S-3972
20 1910-P Sov S-3972
21 1902 Sov S-3969 Matte Proof
22 1903-P Sov S-3972
23 1903-M Sov S-3971
24 1909-S Sov S-3973
25 1902-S Sov S-3973
26 1903-S Sov S-3973
27 1905-M Sov S-3971
28 1910-M Sov S-3971
29 1909-M Sov S-3971
30 1908-M Sov S-3971
31 1902-M Sov S-3971
32 1907-P Sov S-3972
33 1907 Sov S-3969
34 1906-M Sov S-3971
35 1907-S Sov S-3973
36 1910 Sov S-3969
37 1907-M Sov S-3971
38 1908-P Sov S-3972
39 1909 Sov S-3969
40 1910-S Sov S-3973

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