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Money Expo 2016 - Sydney recap

It’s been a while since I’ve done an ANDA Money Expo, so it was with some excitement that I packed my bags and made my way across town to the Sydney Town Hall.

Coin dealers set up

Sydney Money Expo 2016Saturday morning, coin dealers set up

Money Expo 2016The queue at the door was longer than at any show in recent memory.

It took about an hour to set up, but by the time the doors opened, the queue at the front desk was at least 100 metres long. I’d never seen anything like it at a coin show before.

Coin show 2016The queue to get in stretched over 100 metres.

The first few hours didn’t disappoint. The throngs were thick, with collectors new and old perusing the wide range of coins, banknotes, and precious metals on display and for sale.

2016 Sydney Money ExpoOpen the floodgates.

Sydney Money Expo 2016

2016 Sydney Money Expo

Saturday was busy 

The Five Cent Forage was particularly popular, with folks of all ages settling down at the table to put together a nice set of our smallest coin.

2016 Sydney Money ExpoSome of the coins on display

Even the on-site coffee was good, which was a relief, as the usual coffee shop across the street had closed down and I was very concerned about where I’d get my fix.

Eric Eigner coin dealerEric after a long-day

2016 Sydney Money Expo

2016 Sydney Money ExpoThe Five Cent Forage, before and after

It was a good weekend, overall. Business was exhaustingly brisk on Saturday, but Sunday was slow enough to allow dealers to walk to room, meet and greet collectors on the bourse floor, as well as check out other dealers’ stock.

Popular PCGS and NGC-graded Coins

  1. 1921 Melbourne Sovereign

    There are a handful of rare sovereign da...

    PCGS MS62
    AUD $49,500
  2. 1963 Proof Florin

    A 1963 proof florin in PCGS PR65+ sold f...

    PCGS PR66
    AUD $195
  3. 1931 Dropped "1" Penny with Indian obverse

    Equal-second finest graded by PCGS (11/1...

    PCGS XF45
  4. AUD $625
  5. 1952 Florin

    Equal-third finest graded by PCGS (12/19...

    PCGS MS64
    AUD $350