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Hong Kong Coin Show - April 2017

Coin collectors from Hong Kong were spoiled for choice in April with two coin shows in one weekend, held in adjoining hotels, about two hundred metres apart. While a single show would have been enough to drag me over there, two shows got me booking tickets months in advance.

Hong Kong Coin Show bourse

Stack’s Auctions sponsored the show at the Mira Hotel on Nathan Rd. Being associated with a coin auction ensured that it was predominantly a coin and banknote show. The second show, held at the Holiday Inn, also on Nathan Rd, was organised by one Mr Ma, and included vintage watch dealers as well as the usual crop of numismaticians.

In between coin deals, I took the opportunity to take a few holiday snaps for the website. I’ve included the best below:

Hong Kong Coin Show bourse

The Mira trading bourse filled up quickly, with hundreds of collectors through the door by midday on the first day.

Hong Kong Coin Show bourse

At the Stack’s show, there were gold coins galore, but also silver coins, bullion and precious metals, banknotes and bundles, and a few stamps.

Hong Kong Coin Show bourse

Hong Kong Coin Show bourse

Dealers from as far afield as Melbourne, Barcelona, New York, Hamburg, and California attended the show. Both PCGS and NGC, and their banknote departments, flew their respective flags.

The show at the Holiday Inn was equally as busy, with both coin and watch collectors butting elbows to take advantage of the best bargains. John Shields, Peter Brooks, and Trevor Wilkin represented Australia, while Peter Eccles flew the flag of our colonial brothers in New Zealand. With all the change going on in London, Baldwins were unable to attend.

Hong Kong Coin Show bourse

Hong Kong Coin Show bourse

By Sunday evening, most of the crowds had cleared, and dealers were packing up their wares. A few straggling collectors, including myself, remained.

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    USD $667
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    PCGS XF40
    USD $544
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    A fully brilliant and flashy example. Mi...

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    Equal-second finest graded by PCGS (5/20...

    PCGS MS65
    USD $2,282
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