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Coin designs by George Kruger-Gray

I was reading a great coin article by Philip McLoughlin in the Coin News magazine this month about some of George Kruger-Gray’s alternative designs for Australia’s new coinage in 1938. If you haven’t had a read, check it out. Some of the designs remind me a lot of Fiji’s pre-decimal coins. You can definitely see a “theme” in his designs, even across nations.

George Kruger-Gray sixpence George Kruger-Gray sixpence

Two alternative designs for Australia’s new sixpence in 1938. It’s a nice design.
Incidentally, it is also a more accurate design, as the Coat of Arms on Australia’s
sixpences (and on George V coinage prior to 1937) is technically inaccurate.

George Kruger-Gray Fiji florin

A Fijian florin: One can clearly see the lineage in the style of the design.

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