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Blue PCGS storage boxes for sale

PCGS boxI currently have a small quantity of second-hand blue PCGS boxes for sale. They are available for $18 each including domestic shipping, limit two per person. If you’ve been looking for storage for your PCGS-graded coins or have run out of boxes, let me know, and I'll put some aside for you.

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Popular PCGS and NGC-graded Coins

  1. 1857 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign

    A rare coin in this state of preservati...

    PCGS MS62
    AUD $19,500
  2. 1946 Perth Shilling

    Like a lot of Perth mint issues during t...

    PCGS MS64
    AUD $650
  3. 1999 Perth Mint One Hundred Dollars "Sovereign"

    Single-finest graded by PCGS (1/20).

    AUD $1,250
  4. 1887 Sydney St George Reverse Sovereign

    S-3858E. The coin photographed above is ...

    PCGS MS63
    AUD $2,250
  5. 1941 Sixpence

    An underrated date.

    PCGS MS64
    AUD $195