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2017 Perth Coin and Stamp Show

The Perth Coin and Stamp coin was held on 7th to 9th July at the South Perth Community Centre. Although I wasn’t able to attend personally, collector Jenny Ensbey was able to provide some live shots from the ground. 

Perth Coin Show
The reception area of the coin show.

Perth Coin Show
Collectors wheeling and dealing.

Perth Coin Show
A Perth dealer with his numismatic wares.

Perth Coin Show
An image of the coin trading bourse.

Perth Coin Show
Another dealer with her coin wares.

Perth Coin Show
Australia Post: Always a reliable coin show participant.

Popular PCGS and NGC-graded Coins

  1. 1899 Sydney Sovereign

    Would be described as UNC if ungraded.

    PCGS AU58
    AUD $725
  2. AUD $950
  3. 1905 Sydney Sovereign

    A somewhat scarcer date. From an old Wes...

    PCGS MS62
    AUD $850
  4. 1908 Perth Sovereign

    Equal-finest graded by PCGS (10/19).

    PCGS MS64
    AUD $1,500
  5. AUD $725