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2000 One Dollar Mule Coin for sale

2000 one dollar muleIf you collect 2000 one dollar mule coins, look no further. I just picked up an example of this popular coin graded PCGS MS64—the equal-finest graded by PCGS to date. The coin has full lustre, great eye appeal, and, overall, is one of the nicest 2000 one dollar mules I’ve seen on the market in the last fourteen years. More details, including pricing, to come, so stay tuned.

If you're interested in lower-grade mules, I do have two others for sale (as of 17/1/14), an MS62, for $4,950, and an AU55, for $1,450. Please email me if you’re interested.

2000 one dollar mule 2000 one dollar mule PCGS MS62

A PCGS AU55 mule, left, and another in MS62.

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