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1957 "brilliant type" proof penny

Photographed below, a very special 1957 Perth penny in PCGS PR64RD. There are two types: 1) the common type, struck in 1959, which has the finish of a 1959 proof penny, and 2) the rare type, which was actually struck in 1957 and looks a lot more like the 1955 and 1956 Perth proof pennies.

The rare version, called the "brilliant" type was struck from polished dies, and, like the 1955 and 1956, are rare in even "low" grades like PR64RD. However, unlike the 1955 and 1956, the 1957 brilliant type only sells for a fraction of the price of a 1955 or 1956, even though it's just as rare.

Looking for market anomalies like this is how you "pick the winners" that are more likely to rise in value in the years to come.

1957 proof penny brilliant

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