New South Wales, 1813 Dump - PCGS FR2

New South Wales, 1813 Dump




Australia, New South Wales, 1813 Dump -

A delightful example of our first coinage - which this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. The 1813 Dump or Fifteen Pence (like its big brother, the 1813 Holey Dollar) was issued to help alleviate a coinage shortage in the young colony of New South Wales. This particular example is well-worn, but a clear silhouette of the crown is visible on the obverse, while the date is also evident. On the reverse, a ghosting of “FIFTEEN PENCE” is just discernable. If you’re interested in errors, the strike is somewhat off-centre. Overall, a pleasing coin, and an opportunity for a value-conscious collector to pick up a piece of numismatic and colonial history.

Grades PCGS FR2.

Product ID: 181326694619

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