1921 Square Pattern Penny Type 12 - PCGS SP55




Australia, 1921 Square Pattern Penny Type 12 -

Although square pennies are patterns that were never destined for circulation, the occasional lower-grade square penny does indeed appear on the market. Whether the specimen was a test coin used to measure wearing patterns, or a pocket piece kept by some mint official, a worn square penny is often the only opportunity for the collector of limited means to acquire an important Australian rarity at a discounted price. This is one of those times. The coin on offer here is evenly worn, with rub on the high points of George V’s moustache and the kookaburra’s breast. There is also a minor edge knock on the obverse at 1 o’clock. In any case, the coin is presentable and attractive, and would suit an Australian rarities type set or even a penny collection. Well priced at this level, and probably one of the most affordable square pennies available on the market in recent times.

Grades PCGS SP55.

Product ID: 192138131735

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