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14/05/2019: 2002 two pound thin edge milling variety

Last year, British gold dealer Paul Davis identified a variety on the 2002 proof two pound piece. While both reverse and obverse are identical, the edge milling is different on a small number of pieces.

16/12/2018: The Royal Mint Experience in Wales

Last October, we visited the birthplace of almost all of the United Kingdom’s native coins, the Royal Mint in Wales.

20/11/2018: Adelaide Coin and Banknote Expo November 2018

The 3rd Annual Adelaide Coin Show was held last weekend on the 17th and 18th November. The first show was held in 2016 and it has just got better with age. Between purchases, I managed to sneak a few photos.

15/09/2018: 1902 Five Pound values

The Royal Mint issued five pound pieces in 1902 in proof and for circulation. Both versions of this coin are widely collected, but unlike most years where a proof version exists, the circulation strike is actually rarer than the proof.

15/07/2018: Coin designs by George Kruger-Gray

I was reading a great coin article by Philip McLoughlin in the Coin News magazine this month about some of George Kruger-Gray’s alternative designs for Australia’s new coinage in 1938. If you haven’t had a read, check it out.

29/06/2018: 2004 small head twenty cent - a hidden gem?

The mint made 72 million small head 2004 twenty cent pieces in 2004, but just 400,000 examples of the large head version.

17/02/2018: 1847 Gothic Crown

Move over Canberra florin, the Gothic Crown must be the world's most beautiful coin. Issued in 1847 and 1853, both dates are popular with collectors.

26/12/2017: British Indian mohur design

The British Indian mohurs of the 1830s and 1840s bore a masculine rendition of a stalking lion in front of a palm tree.

30/10/2017: 1902 Five Pound in matte proof

The 1902 matte gold proofs are perhaps the least popular of the UK’s proof presentation coins. But with prices racing ahead for the 1911 and 1937 proofs, one has to ask at some point whether the 1902s have been left behind. And because they were struck with polished dies, they’re pretty tough in grades that would otherwise be considered uninspiring.

20/07/2017: 2017 Perth Coin and Stamp Show

The Perth Coin and Stamp coin was held on 7th to 9th July at the South Perth Community Centre. Although I wasn't able to attend personally, collector Jenny Ensbey was able to provide some live shots from the ground.

06/07/2017: Hong Kong Coin Show - April 2017

Coin collectors from Hong Kong were spoiled for choice in April with two coin shows in one weekend, held in adjoining hotels, about two hundred metres apart.

13/04/2017: Numismata Coin Show Munich 2017

The 2017 Numismata München was held in Bavaria on the 4th and 5th March 2017. Numismata is one of the oldest coin shows in Germany, and is held all across the country and parts of Austria at various times throughout the year. As it happened, the 2017 show in Munich was also in its 50th year, so the mood was festive and celebratory.

01/04/2017: 2016 Indian Sovereign now in stock

They've taken some time to track down, but the 2016 "I" mintmark sovereigns are here. These were minted in Delhi on behalf of the Royal Mint, London.

03/02/2017: Coin shops in Korea - Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Centre

Not having been to South Korea before, I took the opportunity to visit some of the coin shops in the area we were staying. As it turns out, there was an entire underground shopping area dedicated to coins, banknotes, antiquities, and other collectables. While Australian coins and banknotes were thin on the ground, there were a few odd items to make it interesting.

07/12/2016: The Adelaide Coin Show December 2016

The Adelaide Coin Show was held on the 3rd and 4th of December in the Drill Hall just outside Adelaide CBD. For those who happened to have missed out, I’ve taken a few photos of the weekend’s proceedings.

24/10/2016: The Petersham Coin Show October 2016

If you’re in Sydney this Sunday (30th October), come to the Petersham Coin and Stamp Show.

23/10/2016: Money Expo 2016 - Sydney recap

It's been a while since I've done an ANDA Money Expo, so it was with some excitement that I packed my bags and made my way across town to the Sydney Town Hall.

25/09/2016: ANA Coin Show 2016 review

The ANA World’s Fair of Money was held at the Anaheim Convention Center over five days between the 9th and 13th August 2016.

18/08/2016: New decimal coin PCGS Set Registry set

Last week, PCGS launched a new series of sets for the mint set coin collector. The new series, called Australian Mint Sets, covers all mint sets from 1966 to 1989, and will be expanded in the coming weeks to include all sets up to 2016.

10/07/2016: Free PCGS grading videos

Last month, PCGS launched a series of educational videos to help collectors learn how PCGS assesses coins. It’s an eight-part series, with each video being about five or six minutes long.

27/05/2016: Come to the Petersham Coin Show

The Petersham Coin Show is on again. If you’re in Sydney this Sunday, why don’t you drop by. It’s not far from the train station and there’s ample parking nearby.

13/04/2016: Hong Kong International Coin Convention 2016

It’s been a long time since I attended an Asian coin show, so I took the opportunity after an unusually busy March to fly north for the Hong Kong International Coin Convention.

17/03/2016: Rare coins at the Royal Australian Mint

Two weeks ago, I had the honour of attending the Royal Australian Mint's 50th anniversary celebrations of decimal currency.

03/03/2016: 2016 Perth ANDA Money Expo

I don’t often go to Perth, but when I do, it’s the weekend of the Perth ANDA Coin Show. This year has seen a new spin on this popular coin show, with new activities for the kiddies, no entrance fees, and a refreshed branding effort.

16/11/2015: PCGS grades the Australian 1920-S sovereign

In May 2015, a 1920-S sovereign sold at auction for £480,000 (or about AU$940,000 at the then exchange rate).

11/11/2015: Australia's professional coin grading service, PCGS

It's been about nine years since I first saw a cabinet full of Australian PCGS-graded coins at a local coin show.

30/09/2015: Coinex Coin Show 2015 - photo recap

I was in London last week for the Coinex Coin Show 2015. If you missed it, here are some snaps I took of the two-day event.

01/09/2015: The Petersham Coin Fair - photo recap

It was another good Petersham Coin Show last Sunday 30th August 2015. Although train services were suspended for the day, a good number of collectors managed to come in and drop by. If you were there, it was good to see you.

24/08/2015: 2015 Indian gold sovereigns for sale

In what is turning out to be an annual event, MMTC Pamp, under licence from the Royal Mint, has issued the latest addition to the popular Indian sovereign series.

09/08/2015: Valuable threepences in high grade to be listed

I’ve just picked up a nice run of early threepences in high grade. Included in the group are scarcer dates such as the 1912, 1916M, and 1940, as well as high-grade examples of more common dates, such as a 1910, 1918M, and 1936.

11/07/2015: Jubilee head gold sovereign varieties

There's a lot of confusion around the obverse varieties of the Jubilee head sovereign. Everyone from the coins dealers, collectors, authors, and even PCGS have made attribution errors in their publications or reports.

29/05/2015: 2015 Japanese Coin Show Report

It’s not every day that I get to attend an international coin event, so when I heard about a small coin show in Nagoya, Japan while holidaying in Tokyo last January, I couldn’t stop myself from hopping on the bullet train and dropping by.

02/05/2015: Coin pedigrees

It’s not the first time that someone has wondered what stories could be told if only coins could talk. An ancient gold aureus might have once belonged to Julius Caesar; or perhaps it was that hammered French écu I saw in London that time that was used as part of King John II’s ransom in the 1300s; or closer to home, perhaps that worn down Holey Dollar I sold a few years back was carried by Governor Macquarie in his pocket, or, even better, hidden in a secret compartment in convict William Henshall’s coat.

14/03/2015: 2015 Perth ANDA Coin Show Report

It’s been two years since I’ve been to Perth, but I haven’t forgotten how much I had enjoyed the trip there the first time, so when the dates for the ANDA Coin Show were set, I booked my flights straightaway.

12/02/2015: The ANDA Perth Coin Show is on again

The ANDA Perth Coin Show will be held on the Saturday and Sunday, 7th and 8th of March in the Bill Walker room at Patersons Stadium, Subiaco. Doors open at 10am on both days, and close at 5pm on Saturday and 4pm on Sunday.

07/01/2015: PCGS coin boxes for sale

I have a small quantity of second-hand PCGS boxes for sale available at $18 each inclusive of domestic shipping, limit three per person. These sturdy, hard plastic storage boxes can be neatly stacked inside a bank vault, safe, or at home.

29/12/2014: Cameo, deep cameo, ultra cameo - coin grading definitions

Proof coins with highly reflective, mirror-like fields can be described as either cameo (abbreviated to “CAM” on the PCGS certificate) or deep cameo (abbreviated to “DCAM”).

05/12/2014: Petersham Coin Show November 2014

I’d like to apologise for my absence at the Petersham Coin Show last week. I know a number of collectors were expecting to catch up, but I was unable to attend due to a difficult family emergency.

08/11/2014: Coinex Coin Show 2014 - photo recap

Here is a selection of images from the 2014 Coinex Coin Show, which was held in London on the 26th and 27th of September 2014.

01/11/2014: The 2005 Proof Mob of Roos dollar coin graded by PCGS

In 2006, the Royal Australian Mint accidentally issued a number of proof sets with a 2005-dated dollar coin. The reverse of this coin bore the standard Kangaroo design (known as the “mob of ‘roos”).

28/10/2014: 2014 Sydney ANDA Coin Show - photo recap

Here's a selection of images from the 2014 Sydney ANDA Coin Show, which was held on Friday and Saturday the 24th and 25th of October.

16/10/2014: A counterfeit “sovereign” in silver

On the way back from Europe last month, a collector friend of mine had a stopover in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

12/09/2014: Petersham Coin Show Report August 2014

If you're from Sydney and have been collecting coins for longer than twelve months, you'd have heard about the Petersham Coin Show.

26/08/2014: 2014 Melbourne ANDA Coin Show Report

Unlike previous years, the Melbourne ANDA Coin Show was held at the Dallas Brooks Centre just off Victoria Parade on the edge of Melbourne’s CBD.

30/07/2014: 2014 Indian Gold Sovereign coins for sale

Hot off the dies are the Royal Mint's latest issues from India. Following on from last year’s success, the Mint, in partnership with MMTC-PAMP, has issued gold sovereigns for the year 2014...

04/07/2014: Blue PCGS storage boxes for sale

I currently have a small quantity of second-hand blue PCGS boxes for sale. They are available for $18 each including domestic shipping, limit two per person.

14/05/2014: PCGS-graded 2000 millennium 50C incuse flag

It’s been a long time coming, but PCGS now recognises the very popular 2000 millennium fifty cent incused flag variety.

25/04/2014: Mint your own coins at the 2014 Royal Easter Show

I haven’t visited the Easter Show RAM mobile press in years, but as I was in the area last week, I thought I’d drop by and say hello.

16/04/2014: Singapore Coin Fair 2014

It’s been a while since I have travelled abroad for a coin show. However, with the cancellation of the Petersham Coin Show this March (the show will be back on once renovations to the venue are completed), I took the opportunity to attend a coin show a little farther afield.

17/03/2014: The PCGS Population Report video

Last week, the president of PCGS, Don Willis, made a video about how to use the PCGS Population Report. If you’re unfamiliar with the “pop report”, as it is known, click this link and watch the video.

13/03/2014: The March Petersham Coin Show has been cancelled

Regular attendees of the Petersham Coin Show may already be aware of the ongoing renovations being done to the show's venue.

22/02/2014: Indian and London (English) penny obverses

The subject of confirming if a George V penny has a London or Indian obverse, to the non-enthusiast, may seem trivial. However, when the outcome of this distinction may make hundreds or thousands of dollars difference in price between one coin and another, then all of a sudden one starts to take extra notice!

11/02/2014: Website server maintenance

The website underwent scheduled maintenance last night, and performance was interrupted. If you had trouble accessing certain features of the website, or put an order through and are not sure whether I received it, feel free to contact me directly.

28/01/2014: Mule coins and hybrid coins

The most famous mule coin observed in the pre-decimal series is the 1916-I halfpenny, where an Indian Quarter Anna obverse die was paired with an Australian Commonwealth halfpenny reverse.

16/01/2014: 2000 One Dollar Mule Coin for sale

If you collect 2000 one dollar mules, look no further. I just got picked up an example of this popular coin graded PCGS MS64—the equal-finest graded by PCGS to date.

09/01/2014: Counterfeit pre-decimal coins

There are three broad categories of fakes, all intended to make money out of little. The first category is a coin, which is cast or die-stamped from metal. The second is a coin that is altered to look like a more expensive coin.

04/01/2014: PCGS-graded coin results are in

I’ve just got back my grading results from my latest batch of coins from PCGS - and there are some beauties!

22/12/2013: The Petersham Coin Fair is on again

The Petersham Coin Fair is on again on Sunday 29th December 2013. The show is held in the Petersham Town Hall building, just two minutes from Petersham train station and bus stop. There is ample car parking within walking distance of the hall.

01/12/2013: English coins at Tower Hill

Last October, while on a coin buying trip to the United Kingdom, I had the opportunity to visit two coin exhibits at the Tower of London.

11/11/2013: PCGS Set Registry - How to use

Most collectors are familiar with the Dansco press-in album. For those who aren’t, the Dansco press-in album was a type of coin album collectors used to build coin sets.

27/10/2013: PCGS-graded Sovereign from 1872-M with medallic die alignment

Over the last fifteen years, the number of Australian sovereign errors I've seen can be counted on two hands, so when I was offered the opportunity to acquire an 1872 Melbourne shield sovereign that was struck with misaligned dies...

22/10/2013: PCGS-graded sovereigns in stock

I’ve just finished photographing a good run of early PCGS-graded Young Head St George sovereigns.

16/10/2013: ANDA International Coin Show in Melbourne

If you're in Melbourne from Friday 17th October to Sunday the 20th October 2013, come to the Melbourne International Coin Show.

16/10/2013: I am back in the office

After a busy three weeks in Europe, I am back to work from tomorrow (16th October) onward. If I missed your call while I was away, I'll endeavour to call you back over the next few days.

11/10/2013: Coinex Coin Show Report 2013

Like London itself, the Coinex Coin Show, held in the Kingdom's capital each September, was a hive of activity. Although the sky the morning of the show was full of clouds, not one of the clouds was grey, which was good weather by London's standards.

06/10/2013: Thank you for attending the Petersham Coin Show

I’d like to thank the collectors from Sydney and beyond who took the opportunity to attend the Petersham show last Sunday. Thank you all who came to my table and had a chat to my colleagues Peter and Rob.

27/09/2013: Petersham Coin Show

If you’re in Sydney this weekend, come to the Petersham Coin Show on Sunday 29th September. As always, it will be held in the Petersham Town Hall on Crystal St, just a five minute walk from the Petersham railway station and bus stop.

22/09/2013: 2013 Coin Show Report - ANDA Sydney

Of all the coin shows held throughout the year, the ANDA Sydney show has always been my favourite.

20/09/2013: Coinex Coin Show 2013: I will be out of the office until October 16th

I will be attending the Coinex coin show in London again this year, and will be out of the office until October 16th.

10/09/2013: The Sydney ANDA Coin Show is on again

I will be attending the ANDA Coin Show in Sydney this weekend, 14th and 15th September. If you’re in town, why don’t you drop by.

29/08/2013: New PCGS-graded coins in stock

I've just secured a number of high-grade PCGS-graded coins. There's good variety, including a number of equal-finest pieces.

21/08/2013: Website server maintenance

The website underwent scheduled maintenance today, and performance was interrupted. If you had trouble accessing certain features of the website, or put an order through and are not sure whether I received it, feel free to contact me directly.

30/07/2013: PCGS Set Registry winners announced

Last night, PCGS announced the winners of the 2013 PCGS Set Registry awards. There were a number of Australians amongst the Gold Level Winners and it’s good to see some of the Blue Level collectors pulling in some awards, as well.

22/07/2013: New PCGS-graded pre-decimal coins in stock

I have a good range of later Commonwealth silver coming on board over the next week or so. There’s a decent selection of pieces, from common 1960 florins in PCGS MS64 to better-grade QEII coins in PCGS MS66 and PCGS MS67.

01/07/2013: Thanks for attending the Petersham show

Thank you to all my customers who came to the show on Sunday. Despite the weather, it was a good show. Thank you, and see you all in three months at the next show.

26/06/2013: Come to the Petersham Coin Show this Sunday

If you’re in Sydney this Sunday 30th June 2013, why not swing by Petersham and check out the quintannual Petersham Coin Show.

23/06/2013: 1942-I halfpenny long denticles variety

Last week, when I listed for sale a 1942-I halfpenny with the long denticles on the reverse, I got a number of emails requesting more information about this variety.

13/06/2013: PCGS grading costs and services

I'm often asked whether I can submit coins to PCGS on a collector's behalf, and how much this service costs, etc. The answer is yes, I do.

01/06/2013: Images of fake sovereigns

I had the unfortunate displeasure of advising a collector that four of his gold sovereigns were in fact fakes or counterfeits. I have uploaded images of these fake gold coins below so that other collectors can have a look.

29/05/2013: New PCGS-graded silver and copper coins

Just in stock is a nice run of PCGS-graded silver and copper coins, including a few nice proofs, as well.

28/05/2013: Technical issues persist

Thanks for your patience over the last few days. This is Day 3 of having technical issues on the site. If you have experienced slow service on the website, I apologise.

25/05/2013: Website issues

I'm currently having technical issues with my website server. As a result, the website will become unresponsive intermittently.

23/05/2013: PCGS Set Registry for Proclamation Coins

PCGS has recently introduced a set for Australian Proclamation Coins on their Set Registry. It is not under the Australian coin section, but the Mixed World Coin section. You can view it here.

19/05/2013: The Ballarat Gold Museum: The Experience

I recently had the opportunity to visit Ballarat's famed Gold Museum, which is just opposite the well-known Sovereign Hill.

16/05/2013: New PCGS-graded coins have arrived

I’ve been away in London the last three weeks. Thank you to all my customers who waited patiently for their coins to be shipped, and to collectors who tried unsuccessfully to contact me by phone.

23/04/2013: New PCGS-graded coins for sale

Although PCGS grading service times have blown out somewhat, I’ve just received back a small group of top-tier PCGS-graded sovereigns (and one half sovereign).

21/04/2013: Website server maintenance

The website was down earlier today, but as of 8pm this morning, all website features have been restored. Thanks to all my customers who called to let me know, and sorry for the inconvenience.

17/04/2013: Counterfeit gold sovereigns

If you’ve collected gold sovereigns for long enough, chances are you’ve encountered a fake sovereign or two. Like their real counterparts, these fake coins resemble the real thing: They often bear Benedetto Pistrucci’s rendition of St George slaying the dragon on the reverse and have Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, or King George V on the obverse.

02/04/2013: Thanks for attending the Petersham Coin Show

The Petersham Coin Show wouldn’t be the same without the support of the collectors, so I’d like to say thanks to all my customers who managed to attend. For those coin collectors who could not attend, it was a good show.

28/03/2013: The Petersham Coin Show is on again

If you’re in Sydney this Sunday 31st March, come to Petersham for the quarterly Petersham Coin Show. It’s only a ten minute drive from the airport or a fifteen minute train ride from Sydney CBD. Doors open at 9.30am. See you there.

22/03/2013: 2013 India Gold Sovereign to be minted in Delhi

Last month, the news was out that India would once again mint gold sovereigns. India last minted sovereigns in 1918, when the Royal Mint had a branch in Bombay (now Mumbai).

21/03/2013: What is PCGS Secure Plus™?

I’m often asked about PCGS’ new Secure Plus service, which was introduced in 2010.

18/03/2013: Coin photography tips

In an ideal world, we’d trade coins face-to-face over coffee. I’d bring along my coins, which you—the collector—would diligently assess, one-by-one.

04/03/2013: I’m back in Sydney

I’m back in Sydney this week. The Perth Show last weekend was a hit. You can read up on my full report on The Australian Threepence Blog. As always, feel free to give me a call on my mobile 0421 229 821 if you have any questions or comments.

03/03/2013: The Perth ANDA Coin Show is on again

I’m currently away at Perth for the ANDA show here. If you’re in Perth, there’s one more day left. The show is at the Crown Casino (formerly the Burswood Casino) and doors open at 10am. See you there.

23/02/2013: Website server maintenance.

The website was down overnight for maintenance, but as of 6am this morning, all website features have been restored. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

17/02/2013: PCGS-graded state series set to be listed.

Keep an eye out on the site over the next week. I’ve just picked up a high quality 2001 set of State Fifty and Twenty Cent coins – all graded either MS66 or MS67.

02/02/2013: PCGS-graded coins in the pipeline.

I have a great run of PCGS-graded coins in the pipeline. With over 60 sovereigns at PCGS for grading and around 40 sovereigns and world gold here on my desk to be uploaded to the site, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

17/01/2013: New stock from the Florida United Numismatics Coin Show.

The Florida United Numismatics Coin Show was an all-round success. Apart from catching up with a few old dealer friends there, I managed to pick up a nice selection of Australian, UK, and Canadian sovereigns as well.

17/12/2012: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I will be closed for business from the 23/12/12 to 18/1/12. As I'll be overseas, I will have limited access to the phone.

12/12/2012: Website has been restored.

The website underwent unscheduled maintenance this evening. Sorry for any inconvenience.

27/11/2012: Registered mail is now $5.

Unfortunately, to help defray some of the costs of shipping and handling, I’ve put up the price of domestic shipping to $5. This covers registration as well as tracking, and is a flat fee for all parcels, small and large.

18/11/2012: Free download of my sovereign grading guide.

I was digging through some files on an old harddrive when I stumbled on a sovereign grading guide that I had typed up in 2006.

12/11/2012: Attention Sydney Mint Sovereign collectors.

Of all the Sydney Mint sovereigns to get in Mint State, the 1860 is one of the hardest. I’ve just acquired the single finest 1860 Sydney Mint graded by PCGS – in breathtaking MS62.

31/10/2012: Fantastic 1966 proof set for sale.

It's not often you see a near-perfect 1966 set, so when I finally found one amongst piles of toned and damaged sets I was scouring, I pounced. The coins made their way to PCGS a week later, and I’ve just got back the results.

16/10/2012: (Mostly) high-grade run of 1920s Perth Sovereigns.

I've just uploaded a near-complete Mint State run of 1920s Perth Sovereigns. Missing in stock is only the scarcer 1921 and 1928 Perth. The rest grade between MS62 and MS64.

14/10/2012: New category for large UK gold coins.

I've uploaded a new category on the site dedicated to Five and Two Pounds from Great Britain. So far, it contains the rare 1937 proof £5, as well as a very scarce 1887 £5 currency issue.

11/10/2012: Lovely run of London mint sovereigns.

Amongst some of the treasures I picked up whilst overseas is a pleasing run of London mint Jubilee and Veiled head sovereigns.

04/10/2012: I’m back in the office.

It was a productive trip. The London Coinex show was a massive success, with dealers both actively buying and selling. Top quality gold seems to be all the rage at the moment.

23/09/2012: I'm out of the office until October 4.

Well, I'm off to the UK to attend the Coinex Coin Show and Baldwin's Bentley sovereign auction – both occasions not to be missed!

19/09/2012: The Peterhsam Coin Show is on again.

Australia's oldest coin show is on again at the end of this month, Sunday 30th September. Sadly, we won’t be able to make it, as we’ll be attending the Coinex show in London around the same time.

28/08/2012: New website feature: Make an offer

Based on feedback from collectors, I've had my web development team set up a new feature on the website: the Make and offer button. You’ll see this button next to every coin I have for sale.

27/08/2012: The Sydney ANDA coin show

Well, the 2012 Sydney ANDA coin show has come and gone. Thank you to all our collector and friends who managed to attend. It was great to catch up with you all. Business was great, with just as many buyers as sellers.

13/08/2012: The ANDA coin show is on again!

The Sydney ANDA coin show is on again. Come to Canterbury Park (a short walk from Canterbury railway station) to see our stand. Doors open at 10am on 18th and 19th of August.

07/08/2012: Reduced sovereign and half sov prices!

Well, prices can't go up forever, and feedback from fellow collectors has given me the sense that the market is taking a breath.

28/07/2012: The Petersham Show is on again!

The highly-regarded Petersham Show is on again this Sunday 29th July. If you’re in Sydney on Sunday, feel free to drop by. Admission is only $2, and doors open at 9:30am.

25/07/2012: PCGS-graded QEII Sovereign set just in

One of the highlights of being a dealer while being a passionate “coinee” is that you get to see a lot of coins, so when a complete Queen Elizabeth II sovereign set from 1957 to 2003 landed on my desk, I jumped at the chance to pick it up.

16/07/2012: We're back in the office

We're back in the office from today onward, and will begin processing orders and queries that came through over the last two weeks. To all collectors who called or emailed, thanks for your patience.

05/07/2012: We are out of the office until July 16

We are currently away from the office until July 16, and will have limited access to the phone. However, we will have full access to emails during this time, so feel free to email us with any inquiries.

01/07/2012: Latest PCGS results

Our latest sovereign submission to PCGS contains some true gems. Click for more details.

28/05/2012: PCGS-graded Wavy 2 Twenty Cent in stock

We've just received back our latest submission from PCGS. Included in this submission is a totally original 1966 Wavy 2 20C PCGS MS64. The coin has tonnes of eye appeal and attractive subdued lustre on both ‘verses.

25/04/2012: Now accepting credit cards

We now accept Visa and Mastercards for all coin purchases. If you would like to pay by credit card, please give us a call on 1800 832 328 to provide us with your details.

19/03/2012: How to use the Advance Search tool

The Advance Search tool was added to the website to help collectors search our inventory.

29/02/2012: Scarce date PCGS-graded coins just in

With the Roxbury's auction and Long Beach just passed, and the Colonial auction in the next fortnight, it has been a busy month.

28/01/2012: PCGS-graded decimal coins in stock

We've just picked up a small batch of PCGS-graded decimal coins, including the first two Canberra mint coins to grade PR70. These will be listed on the site in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

12/01/2012: Drake Sterling Numismatics is back for business

We have returned from our trip to the Florida United Numismatics Coin Expo, and have full access to phone and email. All orders taken in the last two weeks will be processed and posted out in the coming days. Thanks for your patience.

06/01/2012: Drake Sterling Numismatics goes to Orlando

We're currently in Orlando, Florida, where the world's largest coin expo is currently taking place. We'll be back on the 12/1, and will have limited access to our phone until then. Our best contact until then is via email.

21/12/2011: Season's greetings

We will be open through to Christmas, except on Christmas day. We will be open on Boxing Day, but will be closed for business from the 27/12/12 to 9/1/12. We will not be taking calls during this time, but will still reply to emails.

18/12/2011: PCGS-graded mintmark dollars listed!

18/12/2011: A small selection of quality mintmark dollars has just been listed. There is a wide range of issues, such as the scarce Victoria Cross (graded PCGS MS68!) and the attractive Waltzing Matilda dollar.

16/12/2011: Welcome to the new site!

After months of hard work and late nights, the new website has finally gone live. With great new features, an easy-to-use interface, and a useful Research section, the new site is one of the most advanced and functional coin websites in Australia.

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