1951 London Proof Penny - PCGS PR64RD

1951 London Proof Penny


AUD $ 15,000


Australia, 1951 London Proof Penny -

While coins like the 1930 penny and Adelaide Pound continue to be popular amongst a large swathe of collectors, many more exclusive and desirable series of coins exist. One such series, made up of proof coins minted prior to 1955, is widely collected by the numismatic connoisseur and coin investor. High-grade examples of low-mintage VIP proofs are particularly coveted, as they are doubly exceptional. The present coin, a 1951PL proof-of-record penny, is the single-finest example graded by PCGS of the date, and one of the nicest pre-1955 proof coins we’ve handled. Some sources state that just 20 pieces were minted, while other sources suggest that the number minted is unrecorded. Either way, the coin is rare, with just six pieces certified by PCGS (8/23). From the technicals, the coin is well-struck, fully brilliant, and pleasing to the eye; light spots mar an otherwise flawless, reflective surface. The colour is fiery red, with hints of iridescence at certain angles. If you’re a new collector looking for something special, or are an established collector seeking to add the single-finest graded example of an exclusive issue to your coin cabinet, this is your coin.

Grades PCGS PR64RD.

Product ID: 1951PL27458193

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