The website no longer belongs to the Port Macquarie coin encapsulation outfit that called itself “A-PCGS”. Despite the similar name, neither “A-PCGS” nor the Port Macquarie resident who ran it are related to the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)—the $300 million American coin grading and certification company based in California and established in 1986.

“A-PCGS” from Port Macquarie used Chinese-manufactured holders from a company called PCCB, which manufactures holders that look very similar to the patent-protected holders used by PCGS and NGC. These PCCB holders can be bought off the internet for less than 50 cents each, and are of unknown quality. If you would like to have your coins removed from the PCCB holders, and then certified and holdered by the Professional Coin Grading Service in California, please send us a message. We can assist you with this process.

The Professional Coin Grading Service has offices in California, Hong Kong, and Paris, and has representatives at almost every major coin show in the world. They do not have offices in Australia and all grading is done at one of their overseas offices in California, Hong Kong or Paris. However, they do have worldwide representation through an extensive network of PCGS-authorised dealers, such as ourselves, who can accept coins for grading on behalf of the collector.

If you would like to have your coins certified and authenticated by PCGS, please visit this link for information or email me.

Click here for more information about PCGS.

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