1924 Pretoria Sovereign - PCGS MS64




South Africa, 1924 Pretoria Sovereign -

Like the high-value Canadian sovereign rarities, the 1924-SA sovereign has a very low mintage (of just 3,184 pieces). The date is the second rarest South African sovereign (after the 1923-SA currency issue), and appears on the market maybe once or twice a year worldwide. It is mostly well struck, and blooms with matte cartwheel lustre, while some pieces exhibit light die polishing marks on the reverse. The coin photographed above is from a European source and is an attractive and original example. It is fresh, with pleasing eye appeal, and looks every part MS64. The flashy lustre cartwheels when rotated in the light. The only negative to mention for accuracy is faint feathering in the fields just above the horse’s tail, but this is hardly noticeable in the flesh and does not impair the coin’s eye appeal at all. If you’ve been chasing a superior 1924-SA sovereign, this is your coin.

Grades PCGS MS64.

Product ID: 1924SA39645589

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