1924 Pretoria Sovereign - PCGS MS65


AUD $ 35,000


South Africa, 1924 Pretoria Sovereign -

Most South African sovereigns are common. Two exceptions are the 1923-SA currency issue sovereign and the 1924-SA sovereign. Both dates have tiny mintages, and are rare and desirable in any grade. The 1924-SA is particularly well-collected, as it is still comparatively affordable next to the ultra-rare 1923-SA (which was only discovered in the 1970s). Low-end Mint State examples of the 1924 sovereign can still be had for under AU$20,000, while circulated examples will appear on the market from time-to-time in the high four figures. The piece photographed above is the finest example I’ve handled, and the equal-second finest graded specimen assessed by PCGS (9/19). Overflowing with lustre and with virtually mark-free fields, it’s one of the nicest South African sovereigns I’ve handled overall, and a premium example of this rare and popular date.

Grades PCGS MS65.

Product ID: 1924SA35378864

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