1924 Pretoria Sovereign - PCGS MS62

1924 Pretoria Sovereign


USD $ 14,023


South Africa, 1924 Pretoria Sovereign -

There are only two key dates in the South African sovereign series, the 1923-SA currency issue and 1924-SA. The 1923-SA is a great rarity and in a league of its own, but the 1924-SA has a number of comparables that can be used to determine fair value. Without thinking too hard, the 1916-C sovereign comes to mind. Both coins have mintages under 10,000 pieces (2,660 and 6,111 for the 1924-SA and 1916-C, respectively), exist today in small numbers, and have similar grade profiles with PCGS (26 examples graded of each, with most of those in Mint State and only two or three in PCGS MS65 or MS66). Despite these similarities, the 1924-SA sovereign sells for a fraction of the price of its Canadian counterpart. Is this a pricing anomaly that can be taken advantage of? More research is certainly required. In any case, the 1924-SA sovereign is a scarce issue, and one that I don’t often get on hand.

Grades PCGS MS62.

Product ID: 1924SA80518109

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