1908 Ottawa Specimen Sovereign - PCGS SP65

1908 Ottawa Specimen Sovereign


USD $ 31,981


Canada, 1908 Ottawa Specimen Sovereign -

There are only a few key Edwardian coins in gold available to collectors. Some are out of reach to all but the most well-heeled collectors (like the VIP proofs of 1902 from Melbourne), while others are inexpensive but not as visually impactful (such as the 1902 proof from London). The 1908 Canada specimen sovereign is the best of both worlds, being both beautiful and affordable. The coin was also issued in low numbers, with just 636 pieces minted, according to the Charlton. It is considered a classic Canadian rarity that continues to be in high demand. The example on offer here is the finest example we’ve handled since June 2013 and is bettered by just nine coins. It is flashy and lustrous, with smooth satin fields and fully-struck details on both ‘verses. If you’re looking for a 1908C sovereign, but want an example that is better than average and with great eye appeal, this is your coin.

Grades PCGS SP65.

Product ID: 1908C39343793

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