1899 Perth Sovereign - PCGS MS62


USD $ 1,788


Australia, 1899 Perth Sovereign -

While the 1899-P sovereign is not exactly a great rarity, it is rated as one of the most popular Perth Mint sovereigns. It is also considered a key date to the Veiled head sovereign series (although the 1893-M is rarer). The date is generally well-struck, but the fields are often quite baggy, while the lustre is subdued. The average PCGS grade of a Mint State coin is 61.5, while the median is 62 (2/21). Coins in PCGS MS63 can be considered rare. General collectors seeking to build a nice date or type set should aim for MS62, or MS61 at the lowest, while connoisseurs should target MS63 or better.

Grades PCGS MS62.

Product ID: 1899P38900975

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