1875 Sydney St George Reverse Sovereign - PCGS MS62


USD $ 2,941


Australia, 1875 Sydney St George Reverse Sovereign -

There are a couple of underrated early young head sovereign dates. Amongst them is the 1875-S St George reverse. Scarce in AU and rare in MS, it is not a date that I’ve had often on hand, especially in Mint State. Like most early young head sovereigns, it is generally well-struck, with quality examples having a muscular St George astride and equally as muscular horse. The dragon is also generally well-defined, with no flatness at all to the high points on mint state coins. Occasionally, some examples exhibit die cracking on the reverse, especially around the date. The example on offer here is one of the finest examples I’ve handled in recent years, and the equal-finest piece graded by PCGS (11/20). An essential coin to a date or mint set, and an ideal type piece.

Grades PCGS MS62.

Product ID: 1875S36667647

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