1859 Sydney Mint Sovereign - PCGS AU58


USD $ 3,586


Australia, 1859 Sydney Mint Sovereign -

Early Sydney Mint gold sovereigns are generally scarcer than the later issues, with lustrous, high-grade pieces particularly difficult. The 1859 Sydney Mint sovereign is not as hard as the 1860 and 1858, but in PCGS AU58, as photographed above, the coin is rarer than the 1866 and 1870 Sydney Mints in MS62. It is generally well-struck, too, with good details to the hairlines, while Mint State or nearly Mint State examples have delicate, bright (rather than dull) lustre. Collectors on a budget can obtain these in VF and XF for under $1,500, while the connoisseur collector might have to settle for an AU58, as Mint State coins are rare.

Grades PCGS AU58.

Product ID: 1859(sy)39076194

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