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1940 Shilling - PCGS MS62

JUST ADDED! Australia, 1940 Shilling - The 1940 shilling, as well as the 1946 Perth shilling, are the two key dates of the George VI shilling series. The 1940 is particularly difficult in Mint State, and the coin photographed is one of the few 1940 shillings in Mint State that I have had in stock over the years. The coin comes from an old collection from the eastern suburbs of Sydney and was stored in a soft plastic album in the collector’s basement. Fortunately, the coin was spared PVC damage (often a consequence of poor storage in a soft plastic album) and graded up well-enough in MS62. Overall, it is a decent coin—one that would not look overgraded if described as “Choice UNC”. Scarce this nice. Grades PCGS MS62.
Product ID: 1940(m)28961769

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AUD $650

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